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Gardenia Park I


Gardenia Park 6 0ctober city Giza Egypt 

The essence of the Californian way of life is captured perfectly by Gardenia Park I, where palm tree-lined avenues, courtyards and pedestrian-only plazas are the setting for 250 villas, with the complete range of facilities to satisfy every demand of your day-to-day lifestyle.

The 'West Coast' architectural style features spacious, high-ceilinged living areas, balconies, arched windows and alcoves, with natural light flooding through onto the cool tiled and wooden floors.

The community is a masterpiece of planning, with 70 percent of the compound dedicated to services, amenities and pedestrian areas. The central clubhouse, shopping arcade, sports center and mosque, all for the exclusive use of residents, are located in the lush green landscape of the Central Park area which accounts for one tenth of the compound.

Listing Description

Details about Gardenia Park Compound

Gardenia Park Compound is one of the most luxurious residential compounds in the 6th of October City, which was executed and designed in a distinctive engineering style that made it more like California, with tall trees and a high-end European architectural style.

It is one of the works of IGI Real Estate Development, one of the companies that was able to create distinctive residential communities and integrated projects that attracted customers, including luxurious architectural destinations for residential buildings, as well as its keenness to give them luxury for an ideal life.

The Gardenia Park project is located in the Sixth of October City, near the Mall of Egypt. It is strategically located and close to the most important areas, service facilities, roads and main axes in Sixth of October City.


Types of Units in Gardenia Park Compound in the 6th of October City

The compound combines various residential units, consisting of twin houses and separate villas, and is characterized by a variety of spaces and the advantages it grants to its clients. This gives customers multiple options from which they can find their suitable housing unit. All units are integrated and qualified for all facilities that meet customers' requirements and give them a distinctive residence.


The Real Estate Developer of Gardenia Compound 6th of October City

IGI Real Estate Development is the real estate developer of the Gardenia Park Compound project, and it is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate investment, as it presented a group of diverse projects in the field of residential real estate, over a period of 27 years since its establishment in 1994. The company succeeded in creating Integrated residential communities and giving customers the most important services and facilities that they are looking for when choosing their housing units.


Previous Works for IGI Developments Company

IGI Company presented a group of various residential projects in different areas, and made sure that all of them were distinguished projects in vital areas with touches of luxury to be upscale communities; Among the most prominent of these projects are:
Gardenia Park Compounds 1,2
Residential compounds in the Ashgar neighborhood


Location of Gardenia Park in the 6th of October City

Gardenia Park Compound is located on 6th of October City near Mall of Egypt, and this location is strategic as it is close to the most important landmarks and vital areas of 6th of October.

In addition to its proximity to Mall of Egypt, Gardenia Park is located near several other malls, most notably: Mall of Arabia, Dandy Mall, and Hyper One; It is also located near several entertainment places such as amusement parks, such as: Dream Park and Magic Planet in Mall of Egypt; In addition to its proximity to famous clubs such as: Dreamland Club and Sixth of October Club.

There are many universities near the compound such as: Misr University for Science and Technology, Future University, and the International Media Academy; It is also located near major hospitals such as Souad Kafafi University Hospital and Dar Al Fouad Hospital.


The main cities and roads close to Gardenia Park Compound

Near the Gardenia Park compound, Al Wahat Road is located, which is one of the main ways to move from 6th of October City; It is also located near: Alexandria Desert Road, and the Ring Road.

Sheikh Zayed City is located near the compound, and it is one of the residential cities that combined vitality and sophistication, and is one of the most important modern cities.
There are many squares and areas near the compound within the 6th of October city, such as: Hosary Square, Juhayna Square and October Gardens.

The compound is close to other areas such as the pyramids area, the shooting field, and the pyramids gardens area.


Types of Residential Properties in Gardenia Park Compound

Gardenia Park Compound combines a variety of residential units, including twin houses, and villas; All units are designed with the latest engineering methods and have an elegant architectural style, and their spaces are varied, giving customers the opportunity to easily find the unit that suits their requirements.


Areas of Real Estate Units in Gardenia Park Compound

The areas of the units in Gardenia Park Compound vary, in the interest of the real estate developer to give customers multiple options, and the spaces are:
Twin houses' areas range from 237 m² up to 464 m²
The areas of the detached villas range from 350 m² to 800 m².


Design of Gardenia Park Compound

Gardenia Park Compound is no less than international residential projects, as it was designed in a European style, which made it more like the American city of California. The real estate developer relied on the latest engineering methods in design and decoration to give it a modern destination that combines luxury and sophistication.

An area of ​​70% of the compound has been allocated for services and facilities that are indispensable to customers, including recreational services; As well as allocating space for the elements of nature that give a stunning aesthetic appearance to the compound.


Services Available in Gardenia Park Compound

There is a set of services and features that the real estate developer has been keen on providing customers with an ideal and integrated stay, and the most prominent of these services are:
Wide green areas
Private gardens for some units
Water bodies and artificial lakes
Sufficient spaces to separate the buildings
Walking and cycling paths
Sports fields
Spa and wellness center
Huge mall and shops
Restaurants and cafes
Children's play area
Security services, security personnel, guarding and surveillance cameras
Garage and parking lots
Medical clinics and pharmacies
Nurseries and educational centers


The Price per Square Meter in Gardenia Park Compound in the 6th of October City

The prices of the units in Gardenia Park Compound vary, according to the specifications of each unit in terms of space, the location of the compound, and the features of the unit.
The prices of all units are competitive compared to other compounds and residential units in other areas. For more details, you can view the unit price guide in 6th of October City





Swimming Pool


Security 24/7 Security 24/7

Air Conditioning Air Conditioning

Laundry utility Room

Inside Compound

Club House

Quite Neighborhood Area

Architecture Exterior style Classic

Architecture Interior style Classic

Architecture Exterior style Modern Architecture Exterior style Modern

Architecture Interior style Modern Architecture Interior style Modern

Customer Emotion Benefits

Customer Economic Benefits

Customer Function Benefits

Kitchen Appliances Kitchen Appliances

Water Tank Reservoir


Air Breath


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